ELMI Product catalogue 2009
Rotator/Mixer RM-2
Intelli-Mixer is a combination of variable speed rotator and advanced vortex in one machine.
Shakers DOS, S-302 and DRS
Series of orbital and rocking laboratory shakers.
Thermo-shakers DTS and MT2
Series of high precission laboratory thermostatic shakers for microplate applications.
Water thermostats TW2 series and magnetic stirrer MS01
High accuracy water thermostate with plastic and stainless steel bath. Magnetic stirrer for 4 palces.
Centrifuge/Vortex CM-70M series
A line of high speed laboratory centrifuges combined with a vortex function.
Centrifuges CM-6 series
A line of desktop centirfuges for test tubes of 15-50ml.
Vortex mixer V-3
Compact and robust vortex with accessories.
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